The scene of typical weekday morning in the central business district of Nairobi

The city of Nairobi has been known to be home to the mother of many traffic jams within the region. A short time ago “His excellency”  Kidero attempted a technique adopted from Malaysia intended to reduce traffic jam in the city.  This so called efficient system involved placing metal barrels on round abouts . It failed terribly. Kenyan brewers were the biggest gainers of this creation as the county government surrendered the lame technique and donated the famous barrels to them for alcohol storage.


The county government however forgot that the city’s biggest problem is the drivers in the city.  The drivers have earned a name and currently they exist in various group.  Let’s start with the most notorious group “If I’m late I’m fired”. These drivers are low or middle income earners who ensure they are past Nyayo stadium way before 6 a.m, to ensure the funds for the loan they have taken to buy the Nissan x-trail or Harrier aren’t lost. They are mostly middle aged adults and often their minds are filled with thoughts that prevent them from acting up during traffic. A very disciplined lot in deed. This however might change if they suffer hangovers or along the way encounter group no. 2.

The second group is the matatu drivers association.  These guys are the reason why I and perhaps all motorists will miss the late John Michuki.  The people in this bracket actually make a living through their presence on roads. Their loud mouths complement the fact that their dental formulas resemble their skin color and their egos are as big as the stains on their shirts. High on cheap liquor, they will inconvenience pedestrians and slice their way through heavy Nairobi Traffic. You’ll probably try to get closer to the car ahead of you to inconvenience them up until you notice the number of scratches and dents on the matatu.


The next group is another infamous category according to a survey on Kenyan motorists. The Waheshimiwas. These people will literally leave you on the pavement(regardless of your cars size)  just to get to their destination. In the worst cases the dignitaries convoy with sirens blaring will force you to squeeze your car into a minimal space just to let them pass and as you do this you may experience trauma from the cold gazes of the pistol toting security men.  They’ll wave their guns and mobile radios at your face as if they’re directing an Orchestra just to ensure mheshimiwa lands home for dinner with wife no. 2.

land cruiser

Finally we have the Lorry drivers. They transport our goods but cause us great pain as we take hours and hours to arrive destinations. Their roadside parking partly exposes the vehicles rear to the tarmac causing numerous accidents. The stop made just to purchase miraa, cigarettes and other probably worse stimulants. They drive for numerous hours and once tired hand the wheel to their overexcited and untrained turn-boy while they retreat to the mini bed in the rear to catch some Z’s. This again done inconsiderately and endangering other motorists.


Lets be careful and observant on our roads. Many of the calamities that occur on our roads are just a result of carelessness. Another badly presented caution is drinking and driving. Don’t just avoid drinking and driving, avoid driving under the influence of any drug. It could be medicine, miraa, alcohol or whatever. Just ensure your mind is 100% sober as you drive your vehicle. Also avoid multitasking while on the wheel. Using phones is the worst culprit. According to a global survey on accidents 11 teenagers die everyday as a result of driving while texting. This is just but a fraction basing a small group(teens) and a certain action(texting). The bigger picture is worse. Lets discipline ourselves as drivers and be CAREFUL on the roads. Stay safe and Drive well…




2 thoughts on “Kenyan Drivers

  1. You captured everything perfectly. I personally hate traffic and i do anything to avoid it, though it often means waking up too early and leaving work after rush hour. Its quite stressful. I wish we got a working solution


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