In the recent few months of this year the country has witnessed shocking accounts of domestic abuse and violence. Individuals have turned against their significant others in cases that lead to maiming and even worse, death.  The root of these actions is often two issues. Financial disputes and infidelity.


Our society has lost its moral decency. Love has been replaced by Lust and tokens of appreciation have lost value due to the growth of the materialistic culture. Love is all about two people accepting each other regardless of their flaws and working to build each other. This has evolved to unions based on sex, money and image. This corroded concept of love has led to the rise in infidelity, cases of divorce and worst of all domestic violence.


Love is more than a fuzzy feeling in the tummy caused by making out or recieving an expensive gift from a partner. Its a responsibility, its a task and most of all its a journey that involves growth. The base on which a union is fouded will determine the future and worthwhileness of a relationship.


Many people find themselves trapped in unplanned relationships. This happens after a number of casual visits to a close workmate/colleagues residence or one night stand after a long night of overindulging in alchoholism. These relationships may seem blissful at first but as time passes the confetti named love, settles and is swept away.
We are cohesive beings by nature and love is an inevitable phenomenon. Regardless of ones stand in life we are prone to fall in love at a point in our lives. Love is what unites us as human beings without considering race, ethnicity, status, age… there’s no end to the list.


Love doesn’t have to be intimate. Love everyone involved in your life. That way you learn to appreciate people and perfect your relationship with them. Value every second you spend with friends and family, learn to be greatful for the little things you receive and most of all love yourself. Take time and reflect on the values of your relationships. Trade lust for love, trade vanity for appreciation, and finally Live well and Love all!✌❤


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