Gods Gift, Mans Responsibility


Ethan storms out of his office furious. His position in the company has been aired as vacant and his demotion to an assistant has taken down his ego from 100 to nothing. His close associates on the other hand, just received pay hikes and hefty perks from the company. As Ethan leaves he, tears up documents of his weeks assignment and runs down the stairs to impatient to take the lift.
He pulls the Keys of his BMW 5 series out his pocket and clicks the unlock button. He gets in and hits the push to start button before even closing his door. In a minutes time Ethan is already halfay across town. Destination tranquility he whispers to himself.
He snakes through the traffic and within no time he’s coasting along the mombasa road highway. 28kms to Lukenya Hills a sign post reads. He sighs, more of a sign of easing tension rather than sadness. The thoughts of arriving his destination keep him at peace and divert his mind from the aggravating emotions that throbbed in his heart earlier. He opens the glovebox and pulls out a pair of Donna Karan branded shades. He simultaneously takes of his coat and tie pushing his foot harder on the pedal to arrive his destination faster.
At exactly 5:00 pm he steps out of his vehicle at the Lukenya Hills carpark. With his phone off, shirt unbuttoned and a medium sized bottle of Jameson whisky in hand, Ethan starts his journey up the hill on foot. He whistles his favourite tune as he enjoys the fresh air and eye eye catching scenery. Every step he takes up the hill feels like a spark of happiness is being ignited in him. All his senses are fully at work at this moment. He finally arrives his spot and takes a seat on the rock with the best view of the city and sunset. As he stares at the iconic view all his mind can process is Bliss. He meditates and seeks inner peace at this spot. The Jameson whisky bottle slowly rolls away from his side but he barely notices. All his mind can process is bliss. Surely, nature can turn agitation and unease to peace and tranquility.


God’s greatest gift to mankind is life. Nature is a force that overpowers our understanding as mankind. Nature brings life, happiness and ensures our planet is accomodative for our species. Life is only sustained in conditions favourable to us. These conditions are dictated by our environment. It was once said that with great honour comes great responsibility, (quote from spiderman) thus Gods gift of life came with a great duty that is taking care of our environment. This entails simple tasks like disposing waste materials properly, conserving our trees and vegetation among others. Looking at big cities in the world, this has been thoroughly ignored for purposes of socio-economic growth. The rate of enviroment  neglect is traumatizing.
If we are not careful soon there will be nowhere to exercise this highly coveted socio-economic growth. Imagine if the worlds north pole shifted and started moving towards Africa. Well, imagine no more because it is happening and the cause ;global warming.
Imagine temperatures in the world flactuating and rising inaptly. Well, imagine no more because it is happening and the cause ;global warming.
Imagine having to go to work daily with a mask due to excessive air pollution that may either way affect you healthwise. Well, seize the imagination and face these facts because Global warming is happening.


Let us face this menace by increasing everyones awareness because knowledge is the start of many great things. Lets maintain hygine at all levels possible, Lets work as a community and clean our environments and most of all let us not pollute the same environment that supported our growth and kept us healthy all through our lives. We cant make the world perfect in a day but we can boost a lifespan daily by performing a simple action towards the right direction. Lets keep our environment healthy.



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