Control your Tea.


The human race practices many activities to enhance unison. Old men in retirement meet at Golf clubs for a brief swing and cup of coffee, The Masaai community drink fresh blood from cows as they celebrate rites of passage while The young and naive indulge in drinking games as a way of keeping them together. We all have that one drink that’s special to us whether its milk, herbal juice or even whisky. Today, lets have a cup of tea.
Roughly, 55-68 % percent of humans drink tea daily . Its consumption has stretched across the world making its way to even the most forbidden parts of the globe. Tea is probably the basic, component of all breakfasts worldwide. Some people would opt for coffee however a large number seek no alternative to tea. Naturally as humans we form habits by repetitive actions and thus drinking tea every morning is routine for most humans. This cup of tea leaves most individuals feeling rejuvenated and motivated enough to pursue their day’s objectives. Tea is a way of life for many.
Our minds are our most powerful assets. The ability to pursue and achieve tasks and goals is all determined by your mindset. This being the case, today I’d like us to look at tea in a different aspect. Tea is an acronym. Let me break it down.
T- Thoughts
E- Emotions
A- Actions
This concept is pretty simple. Thoughts are energy that influence emotions eventually actions. To explain this deeper I’ll use a negative scenario. Let’s say for instance you wake up in the morning thinking about your irritating boss and his annoying traits. Keeping these Thoughts* in your mind is likely to cause fear and stress of being at work (emotions). As a result your performance at work will be mediocre due to the fact that you had unknowingly programmed yourself to substandard performance (action).
Turn this the other way round. Think about how you will benefit from work. Automatically you will feel motivated and probably even extatic to go to work. With the right thoughts your performance at work will be boosted for the fact that you have oriented your mind towards achieving your goals.
The brain has two sides. Left and right (pretty simple). Our left side is responsible for logic while the right side is in charge of creativity and imagination. To keep this theory in good use we should keep our right side active. This means imagination. You may not have something positive to look forward to but our imagination gives us that possibility. I’m not saying start daydreaming right away but always imagine situations you may face in the best light possible.
This theory is applicable in almost all aspects of life. Whether it’s at work, school, home and even relationships, it drives us so as you wake up tommorow morning remember thoughts lead to emotions which influence our actions. Control your tea


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