In one of my previous articles titled “Love?” I highlighted the fact that humans are cohesive (Interdependent) beings. This to mean that we depend on one another for growth and survival but even with this being the case, interdependence is only complete when there is a valid sense of independence among beings. The definition of independence is freedom from the control, influence, support, or the like, of others. For Goal Setting,  leadership and personal growth and actualization independence is necessary.


Lets look at the relevance of Number 1 . Everyone wants to be position one. That’s because the unit 1 represents the best. Immediately the position one title is displayed we immediately relate it with the pinnacle of performance. Spiritually the number 1 is the number of creation being the primal force from which all other numbers spring forth. Number 1 is only divisible by itself. In summary the digit one is the most valuable number and just as it exists as a whole so should we as individuals.

Independence has been shadowed by modern society. If an individual does not exist as part of a social group or lacks a significant other they are automatically labelled as social outcasts. This is far from the truth. As we progress daily we require time to think and reflect on out goals. Spending 24 hours with a group of friends will definitely build your social skills but on the negative side you may end up developing a group mentality which will strongly cripple your personal growth. An independent mindset is the greatest gift even in an extroverts case.


The Youth nowadays all carry the same expectations in life. As a result of the media everyone wants a hot dude/chick, expensive house & car, fame and most of all a large amount of money sitting in the bank (if not their own living rooms). What we seek for as humans is happiness. These material items may fill us with joy for a while but never bring complete happiness. This is why many wealthy people are burdened by poor marriages, infidelity and drug addiction. The sanctity of marriage and celibacy is wearing off by the day and thus the rise in infections, divorce cases and even attempts of suicide. An independent perspective on life is one major solution to this.

Being single is a phase many people despise. It gives a feeling of loneliness, being unwanted and rejection. The true meaning of being single however, is experiencing life as an individual being, undertaking growth through setting and striving for personal goals, self appreciation and intellectual expansion. The reason many couples break is due to overdependence. They use their significant others opinions and advice for their motivation and without it they feel empty which leads to non-constructive arguments, separation and in worst cases murder or suicide.


Before committing oneself to another, Independence is necessary. Interdependence can only exist where independence and dependence are in the correct proportions. We never seize to grow despite age but to coexist with other humans happily we should first be content and happy about ourselves as human beings. Self Love is the Key word here. Once you accept yourself, love yourself and work on yourself, you attract the correct people into your life. Being independent does not mean being anti-social or out of touch with other individuals. Independence is the ability to make decisions for yourself with a precise expectation. Start the journey and proclaim the day you read this your Independence Day!!


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