Its the year 2066. You’ve just woken up from a what seemed to be a nap but was actually a whole afternoon of slumber. Looking at your watch you frantically struggle to get out of your bed in an effort to get back to daily activities. The feeling of time gone to waste bothers you and thus your increase in pace. Oh, but I forgot to mention. You have no job. You’re  a 70 year old retired widow/widower. After loosening the blinds on the curtains to let light in you suddenly remember this. A feeling of relief passes through your body from throat to gut. Sadly at the same time the thought of not having any important obligations gives you a sense of inadequacy and purposelessness. You start to reflect your past and spend the rest of the day drowned in a bucket of these memories. As you fantasize about “the good old days” you remember the hidden photo album you had saved on your google drive. In a touch of a surface (buttons wont exist) you project these photos & videos on your hologram for your entertainment. Its almost as good as reality but only lacks is one thing. Its not reality. Minutes of visual happiness pass and you finally get to the last video. Its a video of you and your late partner on your honeymoon. Halfway through the video you burst out in tears and turn it off. Pain

Lets come back to where we currently exist. The year 2016. Forgive me for my vivid imagination but I can guarantee you the future is full of technology we currently consider “impossible”. Lets move to the topic of concern for the day. Life’s as we know it is like an empty room. Lets use a showroom for this scenario. Lets say you’ve started up a cheap car franchise today. Your 5 year plan will definitely include upgrading the brands and vehicle types you sell. Aint no way you gonna be happy selling Toyota vitz’s for life (no offense to #teamvitz). Your ultimate goal will be to grow your business and one day have your showroom filled with top of the range luxury cars. The painful fact sadly is that the chances your of your showroom being average are as good as the chances of it being meritorious . The good news however is this 50/50 chance is completely within your control.

Good and bad conscience. You choose the option deem as the best.


As we go through our daily lives, our statements, actions and perceptions influence the type of lives we live. Cause of this we can say that our future isn’t determined by external factors but rather ourselves. Everything the future has in store for us will be a result of our current lives. When you look at many successful people you’d be fooled to think that many of them are lucky but in reality all of these great men and women planned their futures and knew exactly how they would turn out. Our lives are all a subject of thoughts that lead to emotions and eventually actions. You can  read this previous article I wrote if you’d like to deeply understand that aspect  https://carltonmbui1.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/control-your-tea/.

So there goes aspect one of the showroom called life. No one wants to have their room full of small cars. Its all in your mind and all in your strength to have Bugatti’s flowing through your showroom. Peace out till part 2 !!




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