The Revolution of Kenyan Politics

The recent merger of the jubilee coalition affiliates to form the jubilee party has received both criticism and praise in equal measure. First to criticize the move was the opposition sensationally claiming that it was a scheme to bring back the single party “Nyayo” days. This assumption was probably generated from the fact that both of the countries bosses were Former President Moi’s blue eyed boys back in his heyday. Being students of his political ingenuity, the Jubilee merger definitely seemed an exertion of their predecessors beliefs.

uhuru 1
Retired President Daniel Arap Moi back in 2002 when he first endorsed a Youthful nominated MP Uhuru Kenyatta. He terribly lost the election but later rose to be Kenya’s 4th president.

This however is far from the truth. The third pillar of Kenyas vision 2030 is to produce a democratic political system that nurtures issue based politics. That being the case this merger may just be a step the current Government is taking towards achieving our long term goals. This would liken our politics to that of the western world. An example is the United States of America. The two main parties in the U.S are the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Mind you I forenamed the word “parties” and not coalitions as is the case here in Kenya. What separates the two main factions in u.s politics is ideologies and beliefs.  The Republicans are conservative on social issues. They oppose same sex marriages, abortion and the right of gun ownership. This is the opposite for the Democrats whose beliefs are liberal and thus they cope with demands of the ever changing modern society.


In Kenya the Political Parties are coalitions solely based on tribe and personal gain (benefits). We are all so familiar with the stereotype that states ODM is a Luo party, TNA is dominated by the Kikuyu and Wiper Party a Kamba outfit. For over a decade this has been the perception by many people and it would be a lie to say that this is far from the truth. You can take a chill pill and wait to witness the oncoming general elections. One of the major strategies will be rounding up of different tribal blocks to boost support. This aspect has thoroughly slowed down the growth and development in many parts of the country.

Kanu secretary general Nick Salat addresses the media alongside Raila Odinga, Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka

By merging different political outfits from different regions the Jubilee Party is bound to retain power in the next General elections. The image they will portray will be one of National unity through involving all tribes regardless of their numbers. In this aspect there will be no tribe superior to the other within the Party and everyone shall be an equal shareholder. Tribes aside, the only reason left to be part of the outfit will be their beliefs and ideas. This may be the beginning of a new era of politics. A step into the future.

Agendas, Beliefs and Perception. This should be the Pillars of our political differences. That aside, we are one as Kenyans. God Bless





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