Its exactly thirty four minutes past six past midday. The date is September 18th 1995. Precise location; The Matter Hospital. A newly born child has just taken in his first breath of oxygen in what will be his new permanent environment. The Earth. Adorned with Chocolate skin and  weighing 3.4 kilos the young child looks nothing less than healthy. There and then he is Christened “Carlton Mwendwa Mbui” . The first son, of the the second son. Me, the writer.


As time passed by I learnt.

Invest- Everything you do in life is an investment. Your appearance, the relationships you make and the information you feed yourself. Put in effort where appropriate benefit is expected. Exhaust your effort only if its worth it.

Faith/Optimism- No goal’s is impossible once your mind is fixated on attaining it. All you need is a very positive mindset. Kill negativity when it starts to creep in. Perceive, Believe and achieve. nuffsaid.


Happiness is non material- Happiness comes from experiences and not objects. Need i say more?


2.1 decades later here i stand ( Yes, I typed this on my feet.) Teeth were lost but only for stronger ones to grow, Parts were scared for healing to be experienced, Failure occurred for lessons to be learnt and Many acquaintances made but only the valid ones retained. Through the ascents and descents of the experience, i’m always grateful for life. Thank you God for 2.1 decades of existence.




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