A reflection of our society. 

Trump or Hillary? A question I’ve received numerous times over the last year. This despite the fact that as a Kenyan i honestly have little or no impact on the outcome of the U. S elections. Anyway, looking at the two individuals, im honestly spoiled for choice. They’re both really amazing performers and their auration is wordclass. Yeah, right.. 

Lord knows, what the world would turn into if Trump clinched the most powerful position on our sphere. He’d probably appoint his ministerial cabinet in an episode of The Apprentice. The purge will be a reality during his administration too. Hillary Clinton on the other hand might be a bit better to serve. That I say, hoping she handles presidential information on a more secret platform non yahoo-esque. 

I’m baffled with the choice the free world has chosen. Then again its nothing far from what should be expected. In the world of a growing number of feminists Hillary Clinton clearly has a solid base of support behind her. Womens rights, Gender equality, blah blah blah… They’ve got her back. And then there’s the Chauvinists, Tycoons and large number of psychopaths and generally insane people looking for a thrill. Trumps cards are set well and his joker card might be his winning move. 

Sanders couldn’t get the nomination. The youth have a larger voice. Carson tried his effort but sadly hippies and spirit scientists are the new intellects. The other guys ( honestly forgot their names)  They just didn’t have it… Let’s wait and see what turns out to be the result of this election. May the best Man win. 

Trump won a day after i wrote this. Good-luck American. 


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