Fi Di Teacha. 

Adijaheim Palmer is man who shook up the dancehall industry in his time, and to date is still recognized as a Pace setter for the Caribbean Music genre. We know him a Vybz Kartel. The dancehall Pelle,The teacha and a whole list of other names to describe his ever progressive style and image. Now incarcerated, the ‘teacha’ still dominates the scene with a new track release almost every other week. He surely had a passion for his art and the fact that his songs rule radio waves post-lock up is definitely a sign that he was different from the crop. 

I first listened to the Dancehall maestro back in ’09 when i was in high school. That was around the time when the emergence of a new form of cliques was invented in Kenya. The’Obes’  or as some say ‘Waras’. Being a heavy hiphop head i could barely listen to dancehall music but Vybz Kartel became an exception. The song Last Man standing shifted my only hiphop approach for good. The catchy tune of the song and his effortless flow on the beat was really a marvel for me at the time. I henceforth started to admire the genre and even identified myself with part of the ‘Obe’ community at one point. Thats what the real Gs now looked like (according to my younger mind) 
His image was nothing short of an American rapper. Tattoos, Jewelry and all. This bad boy image was elevated when he bleached his skin. Not something many men do, but regardless it was unorthodox in a very rap culture-esque way. Yall see young thug with the dress today. Im sure you get the drift. Vybz Kartel mastered his image and even more his music was constantly advancing. It got to a point where everyone named their clique Gaza which was Vybz kartels ‘squad’ name. He was on fire (still is but the prison walls are doing their damage).  

Vybz Kartel was authentic,creative and ever so progressive. He even started a short lived reality show at a time when most artists where trying to sign record deals. Most of all, he was independent. I just penned this down to show my appreciation. I’ll be dropping my first mixtape soon ‘Fi di teacha’ as a dedication of respect to Vybz Kartel the Artist. Till then #Freetheteacha



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